Sunday, 25 January 2009

and there it remained

The plan was a 6.00am wake up call, a leisurely breakfast, a good few glugs of a sport drink ready to drive to Michael's to meet up with George to start running at 7.00am to do 24 miles. Like a good little ultra runner I got up as planned turned on the toaster and then went for my morning constitutional and whilst I sat there I heard the tell tale sound of water, no not me reader, outside the house ;-)

My kit lay in a pile in the living room calling for me to run and on looking out of the window I saw the driveway was awash with water and it was absolutely pouring down, a louder calling came from my lovely warm duvet, the duvet won....sorry guys we must swap mobile numbers.

I also have to admit, I am training for a night run, maybe I should have my last long Long run in the evening just so I get my body aware of what it has to do...this was one of the factors that helped the duvet decision this morning....honest :-)

Saying that, it looks like I still have 24 miles to do today.....can't wait.

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