Thursday, 8 January 2009

Back in the saddle...

...and it feels great!

The counter has started running, as I have, with my first 6.2 mile set piece around the local area. The roads were treacherous under foot as the compacted snow left over from Monday was still holding fast to the untreated roads. Met a couple from the running club passing in the opposite direction and had a brief chat but it was about -1 ° centigrade where we were getting cold and the fog was really down making visibility about 100 yards. It really was quite dangerous with some car drivers speeding way too fast for the conditions so I was a bit reluctant to push the pace along the quieter roads. Still pleased as I completed the run about 45 seconds longer that a normal easy run. Foot felt OK so it looks like I am going for a longer one tomorrow.

What is today's picture I hear you ask? That dear reader is what Kent looks like at 8.00pm at night in the fog.

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