Saturday, 3 January 2009

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry

..or, with all the good will in the World, it does go wrong!

I had the greatest year of my running life in 2008, after competing in my first ultramarathon of 30 miles around the South Downs Way near Arundel on 7th December 2008 I was geared up for more of the same.

In late December, I finally posted my application for a 32.5 mile Moonlight Challenge near to Margate, I had great plans and had even set up a training plan. So on 28th December I set off with my buddies on a 17 mile out and back to Greenwich.

At 7.45 am we stepped off and took a short cut through a woodland path on our way to Greenwich, as we strided off I clumped my right foot on a branch, "Ow shit that hurt!" I exclaimed
. We continued and the general feeling was just a bit of a dull pain in my foot but it was only at mile 16 did I really feel as though something was not quite right as the pain increased just beyond comfortable.

On returning home, I took off my running shoe and .......boy did it hurt. A quick visit to A
&E confirmed what I had a suspected, a fracture of the 1st metatarsal in my right foot.

Well that is the 2009 plan up in the air and I am limping around on a pair of crutches awaiting the diagnosis from the Doctor on Sunday 4th January 2009.

I went out today with just one crutch and a training shoe and it felt great, the shoe giving me some support. I'll mention it to the Doctor tomorrow and just hope they don't put in a plaster cast, I'll be beside myself if I am going to be confined to an armchair for 6 weeks and say goodbye to my February race. Wish me luck.

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