Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I had to laugh tonight, I innocently posted the image you can see in The short runs are adding up in a web forum to say how I had spent 15 minutes of my life that evening when I received a post from a lovely lady who lives down North who said:

Hmmmmm, very interesting bump on your left knee Jezza, Looks like a bursa to me, and a lesser sized one on your Right knee.
Sorry, just can't help myself

Now I am in a complete tizzy, online dictionary's state:

Bursa: A fluid-filled sac that is located in areas where friction is likely to occur, then minimises the friction; for example between a tendon and a bone.

I have been standing in front of the mirror and asked my wife "She says I have bursas, bursas she said what am I to do bursas for God's sake"

Seriously, though, I have no worries but isn't it funny how an off the cuff comment could cause a person to panic?

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