Saturday, 31 January 2009

Carb Gels

I have just gone through my plan from 1st January until 12th April 2009 and have calculated that my projected mileage is 664 miles from those 11 weeks I will have to do:

  1. 11 runs of 16 miles or more
  2. 9 of which are 22 miles or more
  3. 7 of which are 24 miles or more
  4. 4 of which are 26 miles or more
  5. 2 of which are over 30 miles in length
You can now see why when I went to the running shop today I bought 20 carb gels. The guy behind the counter commented "Are you sure Sir? Only ultrarunners buy that kind of quantity!" I agreed, smiled and went on my way with my box. :-)

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