Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Compton Challenge

I was just having a look around the interweb thingy and this little beauty caught my eye and I thought I would add it here in case anyone is interested:

40 mile Compton Challenge
hosted by the Compton Harriers. I have seen some good write ups about it. I was in the process of mapping it this evening but got a call out from work so most of it was sat in front of a PC fixing servers instead of doing fun things.

It comprises two separate loops in a figure of 8, both of them 20 miles in length. The race appears to have the 20 mile and 40 mile runners starting together, the 20 milers do their loop and the 40 milers carry on. A cunning little "mental" number in my opinion as you would need a lot of discipline not to hurtle off with the 20 milers and then find you are wasted at the cross over point. I have a feeling figure of 8's are a real crack as you have to get through the concept of watching people finish as you continue for some of the same.

I am not necessarily going to do it this year as I have enough on my plate and this is on Easter weekend so have to leave my options open for the family.

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