Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Doctor will see you now!

Can I run?
I arrived at St. Mary's, Sidcup A & E department at 8.50 am this morning ready for a review on my foot. It sounds ridiculous but I felt I was standing at the start line of the Nine Edges 20 mile Endurance run last September, I think you'll know the feeling, you know you can do it but you still have that nervous apprehension gnawing away at your gut. The clock ticked and the reception staff had their last sip of coffee before the shutters were pushed up and three of us limped and tottered towards the counter. A big man, built like a scaffolder narrowly beat me but only because he jumped queues and nearly tripped on my crutch. Never mind, if he was that agile I expected he would be triaged to a lower position then me.

I sat down and had a good read of my new book Minority Report by Philip K. Dick and was just getting into it when I was called in by the Doctor.

It appears our illustrious NHS was unable to get a consultant to see my X Rays, something to do with Christmas and New Year holidays! Written across my notes in bold, capitalised let
ters were the words RUNNING ENTHUSIAST and scribbled to the right "16 miles, on bad foot!", I laughed to myself, "Was I that obvious when I turned up last week?"

So there it is, no consultant to confirm anything, a GP apologising that she prefers to over-diagnose, which I am truly grateful, and that I had to carry on wearing my bandage. At least the Doctor has agreed that wearing my old running shoes is a good idea as they offer great support in the arch and allows me to walk "correctly" and stops me over compensating.

So no running for me for another week, as Philip K. Dick wrote this is a Minority Report

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