Tuesday, 6 January 2009

An epiphany on Epiphany

As we near the end of the sordid tale of the damaged foot I wanted to share with you the great news of yesterday about the old plate not being broken I decided to try walking with just one crutch today. I was told to continue the bandage, a sock and I put on my trusty old and retired Mizuno Waverider 11 shoes and went on my way. By 10.00 am I had cast aside my left crutch and was tapping around much to the amusement of my colleagues on just one. However, I still had this nasty ache on the top of the foot, a real digging sensation just at the site of the original knock.

When I got home tonight I jumped at the chance of yanking off my shoe, my sock and then the bandage and was shocked to see that I had a massive indentation where the bandage had been. I had an idea that the bandage was probably the cuplrit of some of the tenderness I have been having so decided to leave it off for an hour so my foot looked normal and then put my sock and shoes back on. It was an epiphany, had the bandage been the reason for my soreness? Well reader all I can say is I have driven my car tonight to Cotswolds to look for replacement bottles and a head torch for the Moonlight Challenge and then gone off to Sainsbury for some cider and a packet of nuts. My foot feels great, consider the crutches placed in the understair cupboard (for the mice to eat) and I will just take a walking cane tomorrow, mainly for affectation than anything else :-)

Why the ballerina Jerry? Well it was a nice picture and I was just wondering if I could do it now!

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