Sunday, 11 January 2009

The eyes

Night running, WOW, what a buzz, dangerous as hell but what fun! I went for a planned 22 miler today around the High Elms and Keston and decided to start my run at 2:30 pm which would give me a good 14-15 miles on the trail in the daylight and then planned to have the last 5-6 miles on trail in the dark. It seems my planned worked and I had a great run. I saw sheep, scared a few horses with my new head torch and generally got muddy and cold. Foot held out but I felt I may have hit the wall at about 19 miles which wasn't very nice as I was stuck in the middle of a large wood with not a street light or light from the moon anywhere around me. The wall episode has worried me a little but I woke up this morning with pains in my back and had a real tummy upset. I am probably a bit under the weather, let's hope that is the issue and nothing more serious. I know these particular woods pretty well and have traipsed the main LOOP path many a time but jeepers how it is really easy to get disorientated and trying to get clues in a 6 foot circle is very hard. I nearly came a cropper in the woodland area as the mud was freezing over again and it was ankle turning, hip twisting stuff. What is really spooky are the eyes, YES the EYES wwwoooohhhhhooooo. As you look around, my head torch kept catching EYES and with the wind blowing hard and foxes howling in the near distance all I could see were the eyes!!!!!

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