Friday, 30 January 2009

Just Let Me Run

There I sat on Thursday evening, still logged onto work trying to get a [censored] server to back up and had already done 2 hours overtime that day, I had got back in view of going for a run and then to do a bit of IT wizardry for work and had found that the train was delayed and some [censored] idiot had decided to put his 50" plasma TV on the train with him, on a trolley in the latter end of the rush hour and grumbled when people pushed past him and when I got home I found the family had left my food on the stove and the cat had eaten half of it and I was too late to go for a run and I was still logged on awaiting the back up to finish at 9.30 pm so that I could press the button that makes the wheels go around and I still hadn't had a chance to do an easy run because I was really hacked off that I had to do it in my own time because somebody hadn't done their job properly whilst I was on a training course for the past three days and I still hadn't gone out for my run that night and I really wanted to and had found my teenage daughters had used all the hot water up and I still hadn't been for my run yet and the back up hadn't quite finished. All I wanted to do was go for a run so I was ready for the BIG race next week but work had got in the way again and I was so stressed out I decided to write with no commas or proper grammar as I was getting really miffed because all I wanted to do was GO FOR A RUN.

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