Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Lights in the Night

It was club night tonight and I was in two minds, drive or run there, I chose the latter. Weather was a little chilly so I wore my black lycra leggings, my black OMM kamleika smock and black gloves....I thought people would shout "All because the lady loves Milk Tray" :-)

I was behind time and left the house later than normal so decided to cut through some woods with a lovely open area and as would luck have it I still had my head torch in my smock inner pocket.

Donning my torch I started through the woods and up ahead I saw a torch beam, then another and yet another....jeez,, there were dog walkers in the woods, in the pitch dark! As I ran past one of them then shined their 1000 candel lamp in my eyes, half blinding me and squealed "oohhh you scared me".....you and me both girly, you and me both. I have to say, I bet I was more scary, after all, she probably only saw my head appearing from the dark!

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