Sunday, 11 January 2009

New bottle

Used my new bottles today, well one of them, it is a bit bigger than my old, mouse nibbled ones. Cheap bottles from Science in Sport, found them in the local mountaineering store going for £4.00, got 15% club discount as well. SiS sell them cheap so you buy their very expensive sports supplements, personally I can't stand their additives, to me, it tastes like liquid sherbert.

800 mls is a bit large for a winter run so I carried 500 mls of Nuun. Yum, yum Orange Nuun with orange flavoured carb gel. As they say, each to their own :-)


  1. I've been using these for a couple of years now. The previous version didn't seal very well but the latest one's are fine. I have 4 at home and it's always a struggle to get them back off of the wife and kids so that I can use them.

  2. Thanks Matthew, I am quite pleased with them so far although 2 don't fit in my pouch properly as they are too tall. But one is fine.