Saturday, 10 January 2009

New Head Torch

I have made the big plunge and coughed up for a head torch, not the greatest expenditure or ground breaking piece of kit but what a minefield of different ones ranging in price from roughly £10 to £80!!! This wattage, aluminium casing, "As used by Fred Blogs, the mountain climber", rubber coated this, ruggerdised that.

I am only doing this one Moonlight Challenge race as a one off for the moment so I wasn't planning to spend loads of money so went for the cheap end of the market and got a Silverpoint Ozone II Dynamo, not because I am an eco-warrior but I just couldn't face the idea of forking out on another set of AAA batteries at £5 a go.

No instructions per se, but it does say 1 minutes cranking provides 40 minutes light on 1 LED or 90 minutes on 3 LEDs. A full charge provides 4 hours on 3 LEDs, so it looks like a good option for my race as I have a feeling I won't have it on that much once I get my night sight.

I just have to remember to go gently when putting it on, I have already whacked my nose with it twice.

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