Saturday, 3 January 2009

A Picnic it is not

The Picnic at Box Hill, Dorking
I have finally got used to the white lie that race organisers always slip in, the word undulating! Organisers think it clever to put that word in but it is a matter of opinion. I have heard of marathons being described as undulating but when you map it, it has a gradient of 1%. Come on keep it real organisers, that's all I ask.

Here is one my challenge for 2009 amongst others that I will cover later on this month. Here we have The Picnic a wonderfully described race:

"A run for really very exceptionally hearty man fellows and lady fellows, entirely on rough tracks, and including superb views over the North Downs, the Mole Gap, Denbies Vineyard, and Dorking."

This is a great race, created by a runner for runners, the course is a tough downland run up and down the hillside of the notorious Box Hill in Dorking, Surrey. The route, shown on the left is an out and back one that is approximately 13.1 miles and when I did it last year, it near wasted me even though I trained, hill trained, distance trained and did even more hill training. That race was the Munro, billed as the "Hardest half" with a accrued rise of 3,000 feet. Wait for it, The Picnic is the Munro twice over and I will have to run an accrued height of 6,000 feet...Yes, extreme running, welcome to my world, I can't wait. Keep watching as I blog my training over the next few weeks.

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