Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Pyramid Running

Nope, not running up and down a pyramid but pyramid training at the club, YYUUKK.

Billed as:

This is a ‘hill reps’ training session, undertaken in pairs, each one numbered one or two.

There is firstly a ‘half mile’ warm-up run to the start, with a half mile cool down run back to the club house, after the session finishes.)

Just to remind you what we do when running pyramids, the number one in each pair start by running hard up to a lamp post about 100 yards up the hill, and when this is reached, turn round and jog back to the start, where their partner number two repeats this process.

Upon number two returning to the start, the number one then goes to the further lamp post about 150 yards up the hill, and when their number two partner has done the same, the number one runs to the third lamp post about 250 yards up the hill, which is then repeated by the number two. Returning to the second lamppost, and finally the first, completes the set. So the set sequence is 1,2,3,2,1.

The set is then repeated and continued until c. 40 minutes of running is completed, and the end of the session is called. You will therefore be running for 20 minutes, and resting for the other 20 minutes. It does sound easy, but I can assure you that you'll be working hard!

Personally I am not looking forward to it, the guy organising is very experienced but doing it in the dark, on roads with 50-60 people is asking for an accident. I may just go for an "easy" run as I am still a bit sore after my 22 miler on Sunday. If I don't, I may go just for the company.

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