Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Scream...

...or how to have a little fun when you are on a long run!!!

Yes I know it is a dirty trick, but it always amazes me about the number of people who walk along a dark road, cutting across woodland wearing an Ipod totally oblivious to what is going on around them.

Tonight I went for a 10 mile tempo run and was travelling at a reasonable pace of sub-8 min/mile when up ahead of me I saw a young man walking in the same direction as me, hoody up over his head, the strutting gait of a teenager and as I approached it was obvious he hadn't heard me, the pavement was narrowing so I stepped into the road and passed him. It was hilarious, he actually screamed, almost squeaking, leapt about 12 inches into the air and gasped some monosyllabic profanity to anyone who cared to hear. I have to admit, I burst out laughing, turned my head and waved shouting "Sorry mate!" pace increased to sub-7.30 min/mile for a little bit just in case. That little incident kept me smiling for about 2 miles....I can't wait until tomorrow's 10 miler, it is such a good sport.

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