Sunday, 25 January 2009

The smell of Sunday pubs

Out running this afternoon I had the misfortune to run past two really lovely country pubs, one the Blacksmith's Arm in Cudham, Kent. Now I have never been in it but have run and driven past it on a number of occasions but today was different .As I ran past and peered through the window I could see all the punters sitting around the warm fire, supping a favourite beverage and eating but it was the smell, that glorious smell of Sunday Roast wafting around the outside of the pub.

I sometimes wonder what people think as I traipse past them in my full kit with headtorch, today they must have been wondering "Where is that drowned rat going?" What I thought as I passed was " I must take the family out for a pub lunch soon" as all I had was a carb gel!!!!

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