Monday, 5 January 2009

Use the force

On my way to work today I was standing on the station in the bitter wind and snow thinking how worse could it get when my mobile phone rang "Gggrrrrr, it must be work again" I exclaimed, this was the third time this morning! Looking at my phone and dropping my crutch for the second time today I saw "Number Withheld" written across the screen.

Me "Hello, Jerry speaking"
Them " Hello Jerry, it's the Doctor here"
Me " Oh hello Doctor, how are you?"
Doc " Great, I have just got verbal confirmation that your foot is not broken"
Me " Brilliant news, what now?"
Doc "Four more days on the crutches, see how you feel but don't run straight away, see how you feel first!"

So there we have it, no broken metatarsal, foot still a bit sore and a waist that is just telling my trousers that it is a little too big. I am so pleased, this means with a little gentle running in, I will be up for the Moonlight Challenge in February.

Watch the run counter on the right, I have a feeling it is going to start counting soon.

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