Sunday, 18 January 2009

Who let the dogs out?

As the weekend of the 7th and 8th February approaches George and I have been hitting the trails hard over recent weeks. We are getting excited about the prospect of doing another ultra and luckily as they are on the same weekend we are both running the same distance "Long Runs" on Sundays this month and it has been a really worthwhile exercise. Today's challenge involved a 23 mile trail run using the local OS map taking us away from our usual haunts. The main reason was to see how good (or bad) we were running off the map in preparation for the L2B in September. At one particular junction we were met with a conundrum, the map said 3 paths joining, the actual route presented us with only 2!! We were in the right place but we decided on the right hand path, the waypoints helped us but then we found ourselves in the middle of a large field, close cropped lawn....yes lawn! We made our way to some out buildings and then it started!
Bark, woof, BaaRk

Just one single owner to the said bark, then two, then four until a whole outhouse seemed to erupt into a rapturous cacophony of dog barks, we continued on laughing that we better get out when we found ourselves in a courtyard surrounded by yet another 3 kennel outhouses which set the occupants into a similar outpouring of canine voice
, the noise was incredible. A lady came out of one outhouse looking really perplexed as to why there was such an uproar......and there stood George and I looking rather sheepish and gushing apologies, we were quickly pointed to the gate, told to turn right and take the "correct" footpathConfused

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