Friday, 27 February 2009

40 at 40

It is getting quire exciting now, at last the notification for the Compton 40 come through with maps, waypoint by waypoint directions, rules and the regulations. I just love the races that on the surface are really simple for the competitor but you just know that a massive amount of preparation has gone on to organise it. Who can boast all the checkpoints to be manned, the variation of routes for the 20 mile runners and the 40 milers, food being laid on for all the runners from 12.30pm onwards. The whole thing looks awesome.

I am desperate for this chest infection to go away enough to allow me to get out this weekend for a nice 20 mile trail run with friends from the club. I think they will be a bit worried if they read the last sentence, they are running for 2 hours, I will be running before and after to make up my miles if I get rid of this wheeze.

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