Saturday, 21 February 2009

...and then there were 7

Don't worry reader this isn't another "black toenail what should I do?" story. :-0

Nope this is just to tell you all that I now have 7 toenails, well 8 but it hasn't grown back properly yet. I posted this in a forum the other day:

I can't understand after all the training runs, wearing the same shoes and socks, running similar distances but when we actually run the race you get a blackened toenail...bizarre.
I have a cracker at the moment, it has hardened and lifting off within 10 days of happening. Doing the usual stuff, antiseptic, plasters etc but it never ceases to puzzle me why they only happen during races.

What the really cool thing that happened that I haven't told you is it fell off during my run tonight, felt a little pinch then a scratch so stopped and retrieved it from my sock. So why dear reader did I then think it totally OK to put it in my pocket :-)

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