Saturday, 21 February 2009

A break from the usual

Question posed
"What's the Plan?"

Unplanned answer
"The plan is we have no plan!"

So that is it, Sunday's run dictates that the plan is we go for a run along the North Downs Way with no plan, just pick up a trail and see where we go. I reckon 20 or so miles should do the job :-)


  1. Have a great run Jerry and George, thinking of you! That nail thing is gross, but surprised you didn't post a picture of the nail on the blog!
    I ran Friday, threshold pace of about 9.5 miles out to Chislehurst and back through Bickley and Bromley Common. Will miss the trails tomorrow as on kids duty!

  2. Thanks Mike a.k.a Stephen

    Don't worry, I have the nail safely tucked away and will publish it later on >:-)