Sunday, 15 February 2009


What a great morning Long Run, bloody knackering, but brilliant nonetheless. The day started off with the now usual 6.45am alarm call and with me staggering out of bed bleary eyed and dehydrated after a few glasses of red wine too many the night before when my parents came around for dinner. Cup of coffee and a juice drink and I was off to George's house for 7.30am sharp. We started off in Petts Wood and did a few trails and then hit Scadbury Nature Reserve to pick up the London Outer Orbital Path to take us through back to Memorial and Petts Wood. Sticking (literally) to the paths of Sparrow and Darrick Wood to get to the Wilberforce Oak in Keston. We did a total of 17 miles, 16 of which were all trail, the mud was particularly thick and sticky throughout the run and probably caused by the recent snow melt causing the water to stay on the surface, the unceasing, ubiquitous, glutenous and wonderful mud. Great run, great time especially the enormous ankle deep puddle full of ice cold water that was enough to make my toes curl.

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