Sunday, 22 February 2009



  1. ran with no route in mind
  2. ran with a map
  3. was licked by a Roe Deer
  4. we linked 5 of our smaller runs and now have a miriad of new route feeders
  5. we saw only 6 other people in a space of just over 4 and a bit hours
  6. a horse snorted on me
  7. I ran in only a vest and shorts with a backpack (and obviously trail shoes )
  8. I amazed George when I pulled out a packet of plasters and repaired a rubbing toe
  9. learnt not to take a compass bearing when you have a neodymium magnetic clip on your backpack, otherwise you always appear to be facing South
  10. Stopped, looked and stared at the vista around me from the top of North Downs Way escarpment...beautiful
In conclusion, today was a day that further confirmed why I really do run.

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