Tuesday, 10 March 2009

...and then there were 7 (part deux)

Further to ...and then there were 7

Just as you think you have a full set of nails then you lose another! The long toe on my right foot felt funny today almost as though it needed to be cut as it was scratching so just before the club run tonight I decided to just snip it so it didn't rub. Wrong idea, as I snipped there was a sudden release of pressure and a jet of fluid.....yuk, I hadn't realised was a damaged toenail as it had not blackened.

I have a feeling my two long toe nails will never repair properly whilst I run so I will just have to make sure they are clean, clear of infection and not causing long term problems. Cool though, you should have seen the jet of fluid though :-)

BTW That is not my toe in the picture

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