Thursday, 5 March 2009

Grit and determination

After the wet and winds of Tuesday so we meet the calm and cold of Thursday! I decided to leave the house and go for a run and get out of the town and hit some country, not that I would see it but it felt like an escape for the evening. I was wearing my smock, shorts, gloves and Buff but felt OK temperature wise.

As I ran out of the outskirts of the town and ran through the connecting roads through some woods I noted how quickly the temperature was dropping as I gained height. I was doing an uphill/downhill out and back.

About 7 miles into the run I had to stop momentarily to let a fast truck go by and then realised too late it was a gritting truck AAAAAAAHHHHHH, I didn't have time to step back and I was hit by a cloud of swirling rock salt.....ooooohhhh that stings, my poor cold legs. What made it worse was the bugger came past me again about a mile down the road and caught me by surprise, my that grit smarts :-)

The trials and tribulations of a long distance runner!

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