Thursday, 12 March 2009

Little Frog

I was out this evening having a nice ~10 mile tempo run on and around the hills in my local area. Things were going OK and I was thoroughly enjoying the idea of being out on the road after a particularly boring day stuck in a classroom being trained in some IT dark art. I decided at a junction of one of my set piece runs to extend it out a little and get a rather nasty long hill into my day just to keep the stamina and cardio work in trim.

This hill is about a mile long and has a nasty twist at the end that you can never quite see the top and it is up to you how you approach it, slow and steady or with feeling. I decided on the former as I have to do a 50 mile week this week. As I got to the transition when hill becomes flat I ran along the side of a wood when I saw a blob on the pavement but didn't have time to react and trod on it SQUELCH. I stopped looked down thinking dog poo and then realised I had trodden on a frog...yyyyyuuuuukkk.

I squealed like a little girl and then kind of hopped and skipped flailing my arms around, as if that would help the little frog. My cat is hanging around my training shoes now and looking at them with great interest, they stink.

Just wondering......why are none of my runs ever straight forward?

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