Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Red Mist

This weeks sees a rapid taper as I approach the Sevenoaks Circuit 30 mile trail run. For some reason this run has not really been on my run radar and it is all the more shocking when I was reminded that it was this Sunday!

So tonight's plan was to run at tempo pace to the club and then run at a nice gentle pace at the club monthly 5 km time trial.

That was the plan dear reader but oh no, every time I stand on the start line and the banter starts passing backwards and forwards or the elbows start knocking I see red mist and I belt off at full speed. Three of us went pegging off at full pace and within 3/4 miles were far ahead of our handicap pack and hunting down the group ahead of us. By 1.5 miles I had overtaken about 6 people and by 2 miles was stripping out another 15 as I crested a hill. The last 1/2 mile proved to be a little hard on me but I managed to pick 2 more runners off to finish 8th in the handicaps. I didn't measure my time but I have a feeling I did it in about 22 and a bit minutes.......wow. I reckon I could definitely get a sub-22 on fresh legs. Who said long distance kills speed.

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