Sunday, 8 March 2009

Stage 1 - Complete

I think you will guess that London to Brighton is going to feature quite a lot over the coming months as I step in and out of the major "stepping stone" races up to and including the BIG race.

The day didn't start too well as I awoke with a griping tummy and had to go to the loo three times even before leaving the house and was about to grab the buscopan when things appeared to settle down sufficient for me to feel I could do 20 miles on the road.

I got to George's house about 5 minutes late and as usual he was his forgiving self as I poured out my excuses. From there we drove straight up to Keston Ponds, or Check Point 1 and parked the car up and went straight on the run. The outward journey can only be described as totally boring taking in a large drag of the A21 and then a boring run from Bromley town centre to Lewisham. The good thing about this was the conversation level was almost constant and it seem to fly by. We even took on Lewisham Hill at pace and stumbled onto Black Heath ready for a well deserved break at Sir General Wolfe's statue, a big land mark in our life at the moment as it is the official starting point of the L2B. Quick juice up and we were off back along the OFFICIAL London to Brighton route. It is amazing that I have driven and run along that route so many times but now I know it is the L2B route it is like running on hallowed turf.

As we settled into the run we started taking mental notes, "24 hour petrol station, that's good, will have toilets" or "There is a friends house, we could drop off kit there" all these little things that may come in handy before the big day.

In all a great morning run, not my favourite as it was all road but next week we will do a trail section which will make me feel happier as I just love the freedom.

Great days running, nice one George.


  1. Great running Jerry and George! You have the least pleasant road section of the L2B completed already, so psychologically you are well on the road!
    Great Blog Jerry - always a good read!
    I went out with Nick and another runner, Neil who is training for FLM. We were climbing over a stile near Well Hill and a horse ran up to Neil and I thought for a moment he was going to bite him on the head as he was showing his teeth, when all of a sudden the horse licked his bald pate! How we laughed! Great run of 12 miles cross country around Chelsfield, Shoreham, Halstead, Knockholt etc
    No longer distance plans yet but keeping my options open!

  2. Sounds fantastic Michael, George and I were out there a few weeks ago getting lost. We must join you so you can show us the best route :-)