Sunday, 15 March 2009

Stage 2 - Complete

I awoke today to look out of the window to see a cloudless sky and the sun blazing over a beautiful March day.

George turned up at my house at exactly 7.15 am and we zoomed up to Keston at Checkpoint 1 of the London to Brighton. We were soon out on the trail and passed the Wilberforce Oak and descended towards the trails that circumvent Biggin Hill airport. It didn't start off too well as George and I made adjustments to our kit, lost a glove and reseated some loose straps but were soon on our way.

I was feeling pretty pleased with my navigation but made a couple of minor mistakes but we were soon back on track as we are getting very good at determining map scale versus distance run, we even turned up in someones back garden at one point as it really did look like a public footpath :-)

We soon calmed down into a solid run through to Tatsfield and down the escarpment towards Pilgrim's Farm. The picture above has been copied from a website as my camera lost focus but it is almost exactly the same view. Today was one of the first sunny days we have run this year and we remembered that last time we ran that route it was snowing and it was so cold my carb gels were freezing solid!

We finally turned up at Checkpoint 2 at St Andrew's Church, Limpsfield Chart and stopped our watches for a homemade treat of a currant and oat flapjacks......power food, a good glug of sports drink and we returned back to Tatsfield where my sister had a fresh mug of hot tea and homemade chocolate brownies. If flapjack is power food then brownies are jet fuel, some have been put on order for September.

Great run, a good solid 19 miles of real downland running with a descent and ascent of the escarpment, this was certainly more than a soft road run.....great.

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