Sunday, 29 March 2009

Westerham Circuit

The day started after a glorious lie in and I was heard to surface at 8.00 am, although the clocks went forward this morning there was something special about seeing the lateness of the hour. We would normally be 4-5 miles into our run by then. Today was a leisurely stroll down to the kitchen, a bowl of Shreddies and a nice cup of coffee to see George's car pull up outside the house. I rushed out and we were soon on our way to The Grasshopper Inn on the A25 Westerham.

To our surprise 22 souls turn up for what proved to be an absolute belter of a run to Toys H
ill and back towards the North Downs Way a mile or so from Knockholt and then back to Westerham. Had I listened to George I certainly wouldn't have gone for a 10.5 hill run on Friday. Every time I got to a hill I ground to a halt....but hey dear reader, enough of me.

As you can see from the route below, it was no easy run as it took us through Limpsfield Chart and there was much excitement as George and I realised we were passing Check Point 2 of the London to Brighton and then we wound our way down into some lovely back lanes and fields towards Toy's Hill Wood. The banter and chatting was almost continuous the whole way until we reached the outskirts of Toy's Hill Wood when the gradients took a somewhat steep ascent towards the hill itself. I was even heard to go quiet as the wear and tear of the past week really began to tell me I had over done it. I was soon seen to be walking the climb up to the church near the top of the hill when I saw a sight for sore eyes, Peter pulling out a plastic bag full of cups and a bottle of water he had hidden in the bushes. A quick glug of cool water, a few of us taking gels and we were see to scamper up the last prominence to the summit and then the sharp descent on the treacherous trails.

We were soon in Brasted Chart and during our descent of the hill we had a little altercation with a cyclist who took humbrage when one of the ladies accidently crossed his path narrowly missing her, I think he wanted to say something but realised he was outnumbered so left in a hurry.

Mile 11 saw us duck into a church yard at Brasted and a lovely cool mouthful of water from the church tap had us soon running towards my dreaded Hogtrough Hill, a spiteful hill that leads to the North Downs way and once at the top we were about 5 miles from home with some gentle undulations that took us back to Westerham.

I think it was agreed by all that it was a beautiful run, with great company on the first day of British Summertime....well done all

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