Tuesday, 3 March 2009

What a night

I knew it was going to be wet tonight but certainly underestimated exactly how wet!
Attendance at the club was pretty low tonight with only about 30 of the hardiest souls standing at the club meeting spot. Morale was high and thankfully the Club Secretary shut his mouth for once and we were able to scuttle off for our runs. I was planning to go with the fast group tonight but what with the rain and the remnants of my chesty cough I decided to go with my usual group.

It was quite a laugh, we were going to get wet so why not enjoy it? After a while the wind really picked up and the gust were picking the rain up into a fury by the time we had completed a reached half way it was quite a little rain front.

It was quite good tonight as the pack leader shouted "See you back at the Club", the signal for a pack race and so I took the lead and kept a 7.40 m/m pace...considering the conditions and my chest a blinding run.....

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