Tuesday, 21 April 2009

6 hours

Well this is a new one on me, running for an amount of time not a distance! As you have read I am hunting around for an ultra in July. The idea was at one point to run the 50 mile Challenge but I am somewhat drawn to the idea of running a multi-lap run for 6 hours.

The general rationale for this is that the 50 mile Challenge requires me to run 8 x 6.55 laps in no shade across farm paths whereas the Faversham 6 hour ultra is 1,044 m circuit , so possibly 60 laps mostly in the shade on a nice path. Both have there challenges, what should I do?

####STOP PRESS 21/04/09#####
I have now entered this challenge and now quite excited, I can leave the 50 miler to next year

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