Saturday, 4 April 2009

Around Orpington

I have finally decided to take the plunge and do the 22 mile pre-London Marathon run with the Orpington Road Runners on Sunday. Although the FLM is 3 weeks away we have to talk much bigger numbers now and really crack this run tomorrow. The main decison was made yesterday when I removed my standard Friday run from my schedule and woke this morning to find all my little niggles had reduced. Taking these breaks do have some real benefits.

I am going prepared and treating it like a dress rehearsal and going fully kitted out. I am taking 5 carb gels, 500 mls of Nuun in my bladder and 500 mls of isotonic drink in my bottle. I won't take extra food but I am thinking of taking a few marmite squares with me to experiment with to see how my stomach copes with them.

Sounds like I am taking this little jaunt serious but I just want to have a good, comfy run so I feel confident for next week and can run through the course without hitting the wall.

PS. If you are wondering why the hen? It is an Orpington Blue :-)

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