Friday, 17 April 2009

Climbing the wall

It is only Thursday and I have been running once this week and I am absolutely desperate to get out on the trails again.

I popped down to the post box today and as I was walking back I stepped off a kerb and felt a little pull in my ankle, nothing serious, but sufficient to tell me that I am not fully repaired after last Saturday. As I turned the corner I saw two friends
who run in my group at the club who stopped for a chat and they laughed that I should come running with them. I declined the offer but I was very tempted.

Commonsense tells me not to run but the more somebody or something tells me I can't the more I want to do it....GGGRRRRR I am climbing the wall. Never mind, I know it is for the good but I must go for a Long run this weekend, I have a marathon to train for.

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