Monday, 6 April 2009

Confidence is high

Confidence is high within the Team Compton camp. It appears that the weekend heralded a half marathon personal best from Michael.....

Well done Michael 1:36 for 13.1 miles is brilliant and one that I can only aspire to.

George and I went for a 22 mile blitz around Orpington on a beautiful sunny day and had a great run around the various roads near Knockholt, Cudham, Biggin Hill and Keston. Both of us were fretting about different things, George about the long drag from the Spinning Wheel to Keston Ponds and I about injuring myself and doing too much prior to Saturday's big run at Compton.

What were we worrying about? Absolutely nothing it appears, George got to Keston ponds and commented that compared to last year his fitness had dramatically improved as he found that section pretty straight forward and I was able to chase away my demons and really eat that 22 miles up.

Afterwards wise old George made a comment that rings so true....

"With all the training and practice we aren't frightened of the numbers anymore"

Fine words George and my new mantra.

So Team Compton, after too long a break, we will be back together again on the trail on Saturday, I can't wait

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