Thursday, 30 April 2009

Here I go again!

I met up with George tonight ready for a good run around the local area, we had planned a 8-10 mile run around the trails and all went well at the start. At one point it was probably going too well as it turned into a glorious fast tempo run and we were soon to be heard panting and our usual conversation reduced to dribs and drabs.

We decided to cut up a woodland path near Sidcup and had just leapt over a stile when I went off at full tilt along the path to go and stump my foot on a hidden root, I stumbled, swore like a trooper and immediately knew all was not well, the pain was horiffic. As usual I carried on and by mile 8 I couldn't face the idea of another 2 miles as I could feel my big toe swelling inside my running shoe.

Luckily George's house was just down the road and we ran there where he kindly gave me a lift back. It was decided (rightly or wrongly by Mrs S the nurse) that there was no point in going to the hospital as there was nothing they could do if it was broken!

So after ice, a hot bath, more ice and extra powerful ibuprofen I am now sitting here miserably feeling that I am not going to be able to run my marathon next week......thankfully I would have been tapering anyway so I may as well hang up my trail shoes and rest the week.....this toe MUST get better...crutches from the beginning of the year have been brought out for another airing.

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