Thursday, 23 April 2009


What a lovely run tonight! I was a little late from work and really wanted to get out before 7.30 pm but the usual things got in the way, "Where are my socks?" "Where are my shoes?" and "Where is my watch?" Standard questions! I had a rush on, I had to get through a 10.5 mile run before it became too dark in the woods but was up for a lovely surprise of cavorting rabbits and scampering foxes. During my run through the Nature Reserve I saw 12 rabbits, 5 foxes (presumably looking for a rabbit to eat), a sparrowhawk (hopefully after a fox) and a phantasmagoric swathe of trees showing off their new leaves and the woods with the bluebells.....beautiful.

BTW My knee is feeling better and has been having some TLC

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