Sunday, 26 April 2009

Weald Running!

What a great, ballsy run today; it started early this morning when I turned up at George's house at about 6.55 am and we decided to "head south past the M25".

This directive saw me just drive the car in the general direction of Sevenoaks and then we found ourselves parked up on the edge of Knole Park. We still had no idea where we were running to and how so I pulled out my OS map and we headed off through the park soon to find ourselves on the Sevenoaks 7 route and then onto the Greensand Way, a brilliant route that took us through some beautiful wealds, orchards and scenery. Now I know what they mean by the Wealds of Kent, absolutely stunning. At one point we stopped to get our bearings and George asked me to listen....nothing just the sounds of bird call.

A meandering course that soon saw us running out towards some orchards and a quick cut across the footpaths saw us in Plaxtol for a quick breather and read of the map to take us up and back over the fields and valleys to find us going back to One Tree Hill, one of the toughest, sections of woodland trail I have come across in a very long time with 45 degree sections and ones that you needed your whits about you as the land dropped away and one trip could have you tumbling down into oblivion.

All too soon we were back on our way to Knole Park but were stunned to hear the noise of a tannoy and what was an empty field 2.5 hours before was now transformed into a fully blown gymkhana with a crowd of horsey types telling us where we could and couldn't walk on the public right of way. We were soon to find out when two nags came thundering around the corner and leap over a fence!

So we were back where we started and we decided to complete the day doing a few circuits of Knole Park going up and down the valley edges dodging the deer. Just short of 20 miles of running, but a really tough run which was the equivalent of about 25 in my honest opinion. This was the first time in a good few months that I ran out of water!

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