Sunday, 17 May 2009

Heard on the trail

Rumour has it that George and I will be joined by another runner on the London to Brighton. Who is the mystery person, I can't wait for the official announcement.


  1. Hi Jerry stumbled across your site from the runnersworld forum ... I am running the L2B, how many have signed up so far? Also doing the Downland Ultra in July as my first warm up. Other than that, got a few xc marathons in the diary having just done the neolithic, my first xc. David (dwb/davidwbush)

  2. Hi David
    Glad you stumbled upon my blog, I am unsure of the number so far but it will fill up. I have a few they are listed here:

    Jury is out for Picnic as I may be running in the Titty Wittering, more details to follow soon