Thursday, 14 May 2009

Horas Non Numero Nisi Aestivas

....or 'I only keep the summer hours'

A fine, sweaty and humid evening of running was promised for George and me, we met up at about 7.15 pm with no plans apart from running anywhere and everywhere for about 10 miles and generally enjoy ourselves.

We met up at the entrance of Scadbury Park, Chislehurst and just followed the trails and London Outer Orbital Path through the trails, dodging the dogs, walkers and cyclists around the circuit. It was quite good fun as we found a new trail that took us out at the most unexpected place along the main road, one for the future as a short cut or extension to a good run I fear. We soon looped back and found ourselves running towards Memorial and Petts Wood, the famous woods that William Willett bought for the good of the people in the late 19th Century, as you know Mr Willett was the founder of daylight saving and hence the memorial sundial which keeps the summer hours.

In all a great run with the bluebells still flowering, the heady scent of wild garlic, the trees showing off their new springtime leaves and the lambs fattening and growing up fast....I just love Springtime running.

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