Thursday, 28 May 2009

It's no Picnic

What with the fast approaching 3 Peaks Challenge I have with great regret pulled out of the Picnic Marathon on 20th June 2009. I think it is for the best as I honestly think I could do myself some harm on the run as it is a real toughy and my heart is set on the Faversham 6 hour Ultra now......that is a target race.

All is not lost though as Dr Rob from Trionium has agreed that I can defer my entrance to October and allow me to do the Greensand Marathon......a real brute and a brilliant hill profile.

Greensand takes you through Dorking - Westcott - Coldharbour - Leith Hill - Somerset Hill - Holmbury Hill- Pitch Hill - Reyards Hill - Winterfold Hill - and back again! Having done the Leith Hill half marathon last year this is a run that needs a lot of respect. Should be a nice run after London to Brighton

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