Sunday, 3 May 2009

On ya bike!

Motivation was high today and what with my bad toe I was desperate for some exercise after missing my run last night. I therefore decided to go to the local municipal gym and have a go on the exercise bikes. I thought a one hour cardio-vascular workout would do the job and decided to do two 30 minute workouts, one at constant and the other at a random setting.

One thing I forgot about gym cycling was the amount you sweat, I was absolutely dripping by the end but the one thing I found really hard to do was get my heart rate up to the desired amount. The monitors are supposed to adjust to the difficulty of the workout but I found it didn't do it very efficiently.

Never mind, a good workout and made me feel better about my preparations for next week.
Toe showing the bruises now and the swelling has settled and it is less turgid so may have a little run tomorrow after our day out, just a little one ;-)

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