Friday, 22 May 2009

New Shoes

After realising my current shoes had done 500 miles and the fact my calf muscles were feeling tight and painful I decided that a new pair of shoes were required. I have learnt from past experience that when my calf muscles begin to hurt it is normally caused by my shoes wearing out and not offering enough protection.

I went off to SheRunsHeRuns tonight to get my shoes and was disappointed to see that they had now moved up into the new models. The lady at the shop told me that the basic style and technology was the same as the old ones and so I tried them on and was instantly disappointed, the cut was different, the toe box was too tight and the heel too loose. I asked her to step up a size so that I could see if I could adjust the lacing style. The lady returned a few moments later and with a big smile passed the box to me.....HOORAH, she had found a pair of the old model in my size, I tried them on.....perfect. What made it an even better shopping experience was that they were £20 cheaper than the latest version.

I love it when I get really great customer service.

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