Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Open wide

The day started badly with a visit to the dentist, if you are squeamish don't read any further.

I had a tooth removed about 2 years ago but ever since I have started ultrarunning I have found that the site where the tooth was often swelled and puss would seep from the locale. It caused me no pain just concern so I went to the dentist a few weeks ago not a thing I relish at the best of times.

It appears when the tooth was originally removed they left a chunk of root in the socket and when I am training hard and slight run down the root causes the infection. Today was the day I have had to have it removed, I currently feel as though I have been kicked in the jaw and by the looks of the root fragment that was retrieved I am not surprised.

Anyway, all good now as it didn't stop me running 14 miles of trail and woodland this evening :-)

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