Sunday, 31 May 2009

Run in the Sun

The day started early when I was ripped from my warm bed at 5.45 am, I pushed the snooze button and finally wrenched myself from under the duvet and shuffled to the bathroom. Downstairs I got dressed, had a cup of coffee with a banana and was out of the house by 6.15 am. George was soon in the car to arrive at Michael's with the ominous view of the curtains closed and no sign of movement. After a dainty rap at the door a bleary eyed Michael soon opened up still in his pyjamas!!!

He had been partying all night and was soon forgiven when he appeared kitted out and ready for the run 10 minutes later. Even at 6.45 am it was still very warm and we ran off on our planned 22 mile trail run along Stage 2 of London to Brighton.

The run itself was pretty uneventful but was still a very beautiful route taking us through High Elms, Tatsfield, over the ridge into the North Downs and into the Wealds of Kent over the M25 and towards Limpsfield Chart our turn around point. On our return we were soon to be dodging from shaded areas, I for one was making sure I had a hedgerow between me and the Sun and preferring to run under the shelter of trees.

We soon returned from our trip which as always full of banter, mild ribbing of each other and with many subjects covered to be invited in to Michael's home for cool glass of water, a cup of sweet tea and a great BIG chunk of raspberry cheese cake with loads of cream.....a perfect ending to a hot, gruelling training run which was just short of 22 miles.

BTW I am really pleased having just passed 800 miles for the year and 56 miles this week (same distance as the London to Brighton!)

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