Saturday, 9 May 2009

What is the difference between me and Concorde?

The Orpington Mara*fun as it is coined was a great low key event starting at a school called St Olave's in sunny Orpington in the county of Kent. The day started late arriving at the school at 10.05 am and quickly kitted ourselves up and made final decision about the number of carb gels to carry, which water bottle and then eventually lock up the car to trot down to the start and get our numbers.

I was really pleased to see the number of yellow shirts standing around and chatting with a mixture of local rivals and some of the 100 Marathon Club; it was a real meeting of friends. After a brief speech from the Deputy Mayoress of Bromley we were invited onto the roadway and were set on our way. I initially set off at a 10 mile run pace and soon found myself near the front of the pack, held off and then settled into a steady pace.....a rather alarming steady pace of 7:40 min/miles.

The first of the hills arrived and I was soon plodding up St Paul's Wood Hill and my speed reduced down. Up over the hill and I found the field opening up and my average speed at about 7.55-8 min/miles which was quite comfy so I carried on at this pace. The route between 5(18) and 10(23) miles was typically suburban and quite hair raising on a busy Saturday morning and the fact that I was running on the roads made it quite an interesting run with cars peeping me and me darting across the junctions

I managed to get around the first lap of 13.1 miles in 1 hour 44 minutes which gave me a good margin to play with and it turned out I needed it when at about 22 miles I felt cramp settle into my upper legs which was releaved slightly with some Nuun I had in my small water bottle. This hampered me somewhat slowing me down considerably, it just shows how I have got used to training with it and having a good supply on me....a hard lesson and well learnt. At 23 miles I found it hard to traipse over some rough ground near a golf course but after leaving this behind me I gritted my teeth and ran the last 3 miles towards the Finish line determined to beat my 3:45 hour target which I did (just) in a time of 3:44:27 :)

A great low key event, one I thoroughly enjoyed and I can now claim that I have actually done a road marathon and did a pleasing time to boot

What is the difference between me and Concorde?

Answer: About 54,000 feet and 3 hours 44 minutes the same time it took Concorde to travel from New York to Paris :

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