Saturday, 27 June 2009

A bargain

A good old moral dilemma....

I went to a local large supermarket this evening to get some more Lucozade Carb Gels. At the store I climbed up the shelf and took the box at the back as they normally have the longer shelf life and decided that as they were the cheapest around (73p a sachet) I would buy 20 so I took 4 out of the box and took the remaining 20 with the carton (easier to store at home). I then picked up some sports drink and some other stuff.

Went to the check out and said to the bored assistant "There are 20 in the box", she dutifully tapped in the numbers and scanned one. I packed up and put my card in to pay not even listening to the amount and walked off. It is only until I got home did I find she had only charged me for 2 gels as opposed to the 20 and she had obviously miskeyed the zero.

So here I am, I have just bought 20 gels for the princely sum of £1.46.....Should I go back to the store and point out the error and pay the outstanding £13.14? I'll let you decide, then I will tell you what I did.

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  1. I reckon you went back, otherwise you wouldn;t have publicised the story.