Sunday, 7 June 2009

A run around the park!

Wow, what an absolutely awful morning for running! I awoke at 6.15 am this morning to hear the pattering of rain on the window and the roll of thunder over the house and looked out of the window to see a real tempest.

Every bone and sinew in my body screamed for me to get back into bed but I knew George would be coming around in 45 minutes. Time for a quick breakfast, cup of coffee and for me to find my trusty waterproof smock that hadn't had an airing for at least 3 months.

George turned up and I leapt up the drive and was wet before I got in! A quick discussion ensued and we decided to go to Polhill and run to Knole Park, Sevenoaks and what a run it was. It comprised an 8.2 mile to the park via trail routes and back alleys of Dunton Green and then a run around the park and then back. The hill profile was a tough one and it soon had us panting, I had to laugh as we always say "Cor, this is a toughy today!" but when have our runs NOT been toughies, I don't think we will ever be happy if it was an easy one :-)

Great run as usual and brilliant that the sun came out later on, I think we can call that a good 19.5 mile trail run with a hill run profile.

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