Friday, 26 June 2009

A very hot and sweaty two days

It is has been a hot and very humid few days here in deepest, darkest Kent and motivation to run has been difficult. I have a feeling George had similar thoughts to me on Thursday as we discussed a training run but thankfully peer pressure won and we went for a good 13 or so mile trail and road run... and felt great for doing it BTW.

Friday evening was even harder as the pressures of work, private life, the excesses of training , doing it by myself and the damned humidity massed to form the biggest feeling of lethargia I have had for a long time.

In the end I ignored the feelings grabbed the nearest piece of running kit, put a wet Buff around my neck, found a bottle of water and ran a gruelling 8 mile trail run in the hot, sticky heat. It took slightly longer than a usual run but I did it. On that run I didn't see another runner, not a single one...motivation is high, Learn from Everyone, Follow No One...

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